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Colorful Connections Mentoring Program

We are looking for volunteers to participate in our Colorful Connections Mentoring Program, which services grades K-8. All volunteers will need to complete an application (copies are in the front office), which includes an I-chat background check, as well as a mentor questionnaire. Once all necessary paperwork is submitted, mentors will be contacted by Mr. Salazar to determine a good match. Volunteers will be expected to meet with their mentee at least twice a month, face to face. All mentor meetings with students will need to take place during the school day, on school grounds. Mentors will be provided with a schedule showing times during the day that each grade group will have availability for mentor meetings. Any questions may be addressed to Mr. Salazar at [email protected]. Mr. Salazar may be reached at 810.736.1281, ext. 226.
Opportunity Type: Volunteer
This Opportunity is ongoing
Agency Requirement: >21 years old
Zip Code: 48506