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Red Ink Flint

Who We Are

We believe art is a force that revitalizes people and places. Promoting a spirit of creativity and inspiration, we provide rent-free studio spaces for artists and showcase exhibitions for growth opportunities to foster professional artistic development. To communicate this spirit, we engage community, using art as a language, to serve civic and economic revitalization. We educate people to engage meaningfully with the art to make the Flint community a better place to live and grow.
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What We Do

  • Flint Local 432 - An all-ages, substance free concert and event space. We promote live music from a variety of genres from local, regional, and national artists. In addition, we offer an inexpensive space for various events.
  • No Child Left Online - As part of the problem with in-door oriented arts activities, Red Ink Flint and Flint Local 432 developed No Child Left Online to help promote the connection between young people and nature through diverse programming ranging from organized bike rides, hikes, canoe trips, and other outdoor activities.
  • Buckham Alley Fest - An annual gathering located in Buckham Alley that builds community by showcasing local musicians, artists, and crafters.
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Agency Photos

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Contact Information

Address Information
124 W. First Street
Flint, MI 48503
Contact: Mike Wright
Contact Title: Board Chairman
Phone: (810) 280-1010
Email: [email protected]
Located above the Flint Local 432.
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